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How To Reduce Welding Spatter

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Here are a few handy tips to help combat the problem of excess spatter mainly associated with MMA and Mig welding.

MMA Welding Spatter

Excess MMA welding spatter

 1. Increase the voltage

 Reduce spatter by adjusting the voltage of the machine. Voltage is closely linked to the welding arc’s length and the heat input of the weld. Find the right balance, so the weld is being created with the correct intensity.

2. Welding Torch Angle

Positioning your welding gun with the wire in front may make a nice, smooth weld, but it shoots spatter outward. A drag angle with the wire behind, keeps spatter in the weld pool.

 3. Clean the weld surface

One simple way to avoid spatter is to keep your welding surface free from contamination. Substances like oil may cause the welding power supply to alter the machines parameters settings – creating spatter before and after the right adjustments are made.

Anything that oxidizes the weld pool (rust) may cause bubbles which rupture, generating even more spatter. It is advisable to clean the surface and avoid the mess. Remove any build-up with an abrasive tool/brush or chemical.

 4. Shielding Gas and Wire

The shielding gas and welding wire should be preventing spatter, not contributing to it. Argon gas can minimize spatter, but it can alter other aspects of the weldment. Many wires contain deoxidizing substances, which will reduce the amount of spatter. Flux cored wires are considered an excellent safeguard against spatter. Reducing the wire feed speed can help overcome the problem of excessive spatter. 

If this isn’t effective, the excessive spatter may be the result of arc blow that occurs when magnetism in your base metal affects the quality of your arc. To combat arc blow, try welding toward your work return clamp.

5. Shelter the Welding Environment

In the battle against spatter, wind is considered an enemy. Ensure the shielding gas isn’t being affected by air flow. Another environmental problem that causes spatter, cable grounding, can be easily fixed. Make sure cabling is secure and on clean surfaces, otherwise, you may have weld altercations.

6. Anti Spatter Spray

To prevent weld spatter build-up it is advisable to invest in a high performance anti spatter spray to protect against spatter adhesion on jigs, fixings, mig nozzles, welding equipment, work pieces and surfaces. Simply apply prior to welding for maximum spatter protection. Be careful not to spray too much anti-spatter onto the weld joint itself. The anti-spatter can cause small defects in the weld that look like pinholes. This is known as porosity and it reduces the strength of the welded joint.


Xcalibur Anti Spatter Spray

Xcalibur Anti Spatter Spray

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